Bark Products from New Zealand and South Australia for Growing Orchids in Australia

✿❀ Queensland Orchid International ❀✿

Gardening and other hobbies continue to keep Bob Bishop sane and bring some reliefs from the toil of work. Whilst he may have been somewhat facetious and humble in stating that he “ha[s] been growing orchids quite badly for over 40 years”, Bob has nonetheless done many other things throughout his life. Those who wish to search LinkedIn to discover his professional past and present will be disappointed to find nothing, as he has left LinkedIn a long time ago to avoid being hounded by representatives and bashed by Indian, Chinese and Russian companies looking for ‘partners’.

The questions remain: who is Bob Bishop, and what transformations and reincarnations have brought him from his variegated past to his multi-coloured present. In the beginning, Bob did a trade, and then was off the forum, so to speak. After acquiring electrical engineering, electronics and later a business and marketing management degrees, he…

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